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Brand Story Framework


Ib Dabo–Motivational Speaker

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The Client: Ib Dabo, motivational speaker inspiring students to overcome adversity.

The Objective: To create a brand story framework that will provide clarity and consistency in his message as he continues to market himself as a motivational speaker.

The Strategy: To help Ib clarify his brand message, we first determined who his ideal client is, what problem they are facing, and how his services will guide his audience to overcome them.

We then created a brandscript, which is a document that contains the key elements of his story, including his mission, vision, values, and brand promise. This script will serve as a guide for Ib as he crafts future content and marketing materials.

In addition, we worked on his elevated pitch, a 30-second summary of his story that can be used when meeting new people or speaking at events.

And crated his tone and voice chart that provided guidance on the type of language he should use when speaking or writing about his brand.

The Solution: Ib now has a clear understanding of his brand story and how to communicate it consistently. He can use his brandscript and pitch to guide him as he creates new content and marketing materials. And his tone and voice chart will help ensure that his message is always on brand. This was then used as the base for his website refresh.