Copywriting Services

Your business is life-changing.

But is your message?

Your message is a reflection of what your business stands for. It drives everything you do – from your marketing to your sales to your customer service.

…and yet, so many businesses struggle with this. They’re not sure what they stand for or what their ideal client looks like —there’s no clarity.

As a result, their marketing efforts are scattered, their sales suffer, and they end up frustrated.

Don’t let this happen to you.

Don’t lose control.

Get the clarity your business deserves so you can achieve your goals.

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melanie jean ; testimonial for copywriting services

“Eva helped me find my brand’s voice.”

I’m happy with the way Eva helped me find my brand’s voice. I felt lost with wording my email and FB ad campaign, but Eva knew what areas needed to be changed. Her analysis of my site and studying the world of my brand was thoroughly researched. What I loved the most was her listening and attention to detail. I couldn’t have found a better copywriter. Thank you so much, Eva. You’re awesome!

Melanie Jean, Founder of

Copywriting Services That Get Your Message Across With Impact


Your website is more than just pretty pictures. Make visitors want to stay with captivating words that will turn them into paying customers.

Email Campaigns

Don’t depend on social media to make sales. Create a campaign that will help you reach your business goals instead.

Sales Pages

By highlighting the benefits of your product or service, I will show your audience why they need what you’re offering.

Brand Storytelling

By highlighting the benefits of your product or service, I will show your audience why they need what you’re offering.

When you’re ready to

  • Let go of the old ways of doing things and be ready to get serious about your business
  • Simplify your message so that it appeals to your ideal customers
  • Close more deals by working with a wordsmith who lives and breathes copy
  • Increase your conversion rates by using my expertise in strategic copywriting
  • Boost your profit margins by getting the most out of every single word

…you’ll find that there are many benefits to working with me.

“Eva worked her magic on my website copy”

” Before my path crossed with Eva, I was frustrated that while I saw the big picture of my goals, I felt stuck and couldn’t move forward. I needed someone to provide clarity and help develop brand/ website copy. I tried to do it on my own multiple times, and it just did not work out. Eva listened, demonstrated expertise in understanding my struggles and goals, and executed with professionalism. I felt comfortable working with her as she not only listened but shared ideas and was patient with me throughout the project. I feel relieved and happy to have overcome this hurdle as she worked her “magic” on brand strategy and website content development. My favorite part about working with Eva was 1) her very clear and organized process and 2) when she would formulate and articulate so well something I may have been struggling with. Only a good listener and expert can do that. Thank you, Eva.”

Ib Dabo, Motivational Speaker

Ib Dabo; testimonial; copwriting services

How it Works

1. Schedule Your Call

Share what your copywriting needs are and I will create a package that’s right for you and your budget.

2. Clarify & Conquer

Let’s get your message right, determine your ideal customers and the results you want to achieve. I’ll create a strategy and work with you all the way through copy creation, editing and proofing until we get it right.

3. Grow Your Reach

Your audience will recognize you as the expert. New clients will flock to your business, and conversions will soar.

The Right Words Will Take Your Business to New Heights

Do you have a different project in mind?

I offer a variety of copywriting services to my clients, so if you don’t see what you’re looking for, just ask! I’m always happy to chat about your specific needs and see how I can help.

  • Fb & Google Ads
  • Landing/Opt-in pages
  • Print & Digital ads
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Chances are you are still on the fence about us working together–I get it. Here are some commonly asked questions.

How much does your service cost?

First of all, congratulations on making the first step towards taking your business to the next level! Copywriting services are an investment, not an expense. But I know you’re probably reading this because you are trying to keep your costs down–and that’s also fine by me! My rates are competitive. I work out of my home office and I am a one-woman operation, which allows me to keep my prices low.

Why don’t copywriters charge by the word?

Copywriting is all about getting to the heart of your message in as few words as possible. It takes time and a good strategy.

Can you tell me about your process?

I work with my clients in 3 stages.

Stage 1: Clarify & Strategize

We’ll go through everything from identifying your ideal customer to digging deep into your industry in order to create a strategy with your long-term business goals in mind.

Stage 2: Write & Refine

This is where I do my magic! I write your words. Your message will go through several drafts until it’s just right–I promise!

Stage 3: Revise & Finalize

Depending on your project, I will send your deliverables in a wireframe template. I will make the edits, based on your requests, and send you the final product.

What are your terms?

Depending on the project there’s a 30-50% deposit upfront.

Will you provide me a quote before we get started?

Of course! This is why it is crucial to get on a discovery call right away. I don’t like to make assumptions about your business, so the best way to get started is to talk to you.

Why do you offer so many packages at different price points?

Your message is unique. There are many factors that go into choosing the right package for you–after all, it’s about getting your money’s worth! I offer different packages to accommodate your various needs.

How long will the project take?

It all comes down to the type of project we are working on and on how fast you and I can work together to get the project off the ground. If you do have a deadline, please let me know as soon as possible so that we can work out the details.