Email Campaign for Bloomsights- saas company

Email Campaigns



The Client: Bloomsights, a digital assessment tool for school climate and student well-being.

The Objective: Increase leads and engagement through the email list via a variety of email campaigns.

The Strategy: Create a set of emails to target specific email workflows that increase trust:

Cold Email & Follow-up: A personalized set of emails that would increase open rates and encourage schools to reach out. This set of emails strategically shows how easier work would get by having Bloomsights as one of their assessment tools. A/B testing of subject lines was encouraged. I provided 2 subject lines to test out, so that we could gather more data.

Demo Email & Follow-up: The first email created excitement about the product. The follow-up email included data and facts that proved the product’s worth. This would allow leads to make an informed decision. A/B testing subject lines were included.

Nurture Email (Follow-up): The intention of this email was to connect with the target audience on an emotional level. To let them see that Bloomsights understand how overwhelmed counselors and teachers are and provide them with a solution.