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Build Credibility

Grow Your Reach

Boost Sales

Email marketing campaigns are a great way to connect with your customers on an intimate level.

But it can be tough to know where to start. Or how to make the most of your email marketing efforts.

And this leads to you

❌  Losing out on valuable customers

❌  Wasting time and energy on a campaign that doesn’t work

❌  Include the same email script everyone else in your industry is using

❌ Depend on social media and its algorithm

It’s time we change that!

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Let’s get something straight first —Email marketing is not dead!

It has been proven to be one of the most effective channels for acquiring new customers and growing your business. In fact

➡️ There are more than 4 billion email users worldwide

➡️ More than 300 billion emails are being sent and received daily

➡️ Every time you spend $1 on email marketing, your average return is $42 (yeah, I know)

➡️ More than 43% of customers who sign-up for your newsletter expect an email from you

➡️ Abandoned cart emails result in 69% more orders

Data taken from (Statista, 2021)

You will literally watch your business grow with every campaign you send.

“But do I really need to start an email campaign , Eva?” Yes, you do!

And I’ll tell you why.

  • Your email list is yours —no algorithm can take it away from you
  • Email content is what will help you connect with your customers on a personal level
  • You will reach a larger audience with less effort
  • Increasing leads and sales will be a breeze
  • Boost your ROI

In other words, email content is the key to an effective email marketing campaign!

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“Eva helped me find my brand’s voice.”

I’m happy with the way Eva helped me find my brand’s voice. I felt lost with wording my email and FB ad campaign, but Eva knew what areas needed to be changed. Her analysis of my site and studying the world of my brand was thoroughly researched. What I loved the most was her listening and attention to detail. I couldn’t have found a better copywriter. Thank you so much, Eva. You’re awesome!

Melanie Jean, Founder of

Your email campaigns: From okay to AMAZING!

(because your business deserves it)

Together we’ll make sure your email marketing is personal. Effective. And increases sales. You can say, this is a power team in the making!

Our adventure consists of:

✔️ Understanding your business, customers, and email marketing campaign goals

✔️ Use of your brand’s tone and voice to create email content that feels personal

✔️ Craft personalized emails that will nurture, educate, and convert your customers

Email Sequences that Fit Your Needs

and budgets

How it Works

steps to a successful email campaign

Choose Your Objective

  • Welcome Sequence
  • SaaS Onboarding Sequence
  • Promotional Emails
  • Sales Sequence
  • e-Commerce Complete Sequence
  • Re-engagement & Clean-up Sequence

Select Your Package

The Welcome Email – For businesses who are ready to experiment with emails and look past the templates.

The 3 Email Plan -Great for businesses ready to start their email marketing journey. This email campaign package is perfect for you.

The 6 Email Plan – Ready to take your email campaign to the next level? This package gives you more opportunities to engage with your subscribers and sale.

The 10 Email Plan – For businesses that want to make a big splash with their email campaigns– is the way to go.

The Custom Plan – If you need a custom email campaign package, I’ll put together a package that’s perfect for you.

email campaigns
Email campaigns

Start the Process

Choose the campaign that works best for you and book your call. I learn a little more about you. And you get to know more about my process. All before we even start making some word magic!

So when should you think about your email campaigns?


The faster you and I start, the sooner you’ll see results.

Answers to some of your questions.

I really don’t know where to start?

We’ve all been there! The best approach is to take the leap and book your free consultation. Feel free to read over the services I provide.

Are you familiar with ecommerce email flows?

I sure am!

What are your terms?

I request a 30-50% deposit upfront. However, the bigger the project, the easier it gets to work out a payment plan.