Website Copywriting Case Study

Message Strategy + Website Copywriting


After being in business for a few years now, Mighty Orbit was ready to take the next step with its online presence. Their website was outdated, lacked a clear message, and used language that didn’t resonate with their target audiences.

It was time for a website overhaul!


Because Mighty Orbit had access to their clients on a daily basis, we started this project with an in-depth message mining process. I interviewed key clients that reflected the company’s target audience and gathered their input on what they valued most about Mighty Orbit.

We then merged these insights into our message strategy so that we could properly reflect the company’s mission and goals on its website.

In addition, I also crafted Mighty Orbit’s brand voice guide to ensure that the same message, tone, and imagery were represented consistently across all platforms.

As this was all part of phase 1 of the website copywriting project, I then went on to rewrite the entire website, making sure that each page was tailored to its specific target audience and reflected its brand values.

The Process focused on:

1. Message Strategy

This involved deep diving into who his ideal person was, their struggles, and their goals.

It also included the development of Mighty Orbit’s mission statement, value statements, and tone guide that resonated with their audience. Our first step was essential in order to develop and perfect his core message, ensuring that it resonated with and energized his target audience.

2. Message mining + testimonials

I interviewed 5 past and current clients to identify what was resonating and why people were attracted to Mighty Orbit’s services and then presented my findings. In the process, we were able to create a deep understanding of the values and experiences that made Mighty Orbit stand out from its competitors. In the process, I crafted testimonials that will be strategically placed throughout the website to reinforce Mighty Orbit’s unique value proposition.

3. Research

In order to understand the needs of their target audience, I put my ear to the ground and did deep research into what his ideal person was searching for, what language they used, and the struggles that were preventing them from taking action on their goals

4. Brand Voice Guide

After years in business, Mighty Orbit knew it was time to invest in its brand voice. I focused on crafting a cohesive guide that could be used on all platforms. It included specific guidelines for the brand’s messaging, tone of voice, description, mission statement, brand promise, distinct UVP, and language

5. Website Strategy

It’s all about the user experience & customer journey, and that meant page wireframes for the pages I recommended based on the journey we wanted to create, the content they would need to help them take action, and how it all fit into the website.

6. Website Copywriting

With the customer journey map in hand, I was now able to write copy for each page that resonated with Mighty Orbit’s target audience and displayed their brand’s values and mission front and center.


The end result was a website that conveyed Mighty Orbit’s brand story authentically. The site also offered visitors a streamlined user experience with detailed information on their services and solutions.

Furthermore, they’ve been using the data I gathered during the message mining process to create more relatable and human-centered stories for their content marketing via LinkedIn.

Side note: As of now, only a section is live. The rest of the website is still under construction. I will share the link once it’s live.

Copywriting testimonial from Mighty Orbit

“Eva was a fantastic partner in this project, helping us craft our messaging and positioning.”

I had the pleasure of working with Eva recently to update the copywriting for our agency’s website. Eva was a fantastic partner in this project, helping us craft our messaging and positioning. She took the time to interview our customers to capture their unique voices. Communication was great throughout the process, and she provided a clear timeline and deliverables. Eva also effortlessly incorporated our feedback and came up with original ideas of her own. She was able to explain the StoryBrand framework and process in an easy-to-understand way.

I would highly recommend working with Eva, and I look forward to working with her again in the future.

Orrett Davis, owner of Mighty Orbit, marketing agency