Website Copywriting Case Study

Message Strategy + Website Copywriting


After being in business for a few years, Mo knew it was time for his website to get a facelift. He wanted the website to accurately reflect the services he offered and communicate the quality of his work.

Additionally, he struggled to communicate effectively with potential customers via his website and felt he needed to take advantage of opportunities.

In other words, he was seeking clarity in his online presence.


For Mo’s website copy to capture the attention of his ideal customer–and make it easier for them to reach out and contact him–the most important thing was to dive deep into his market.

Our first step was establishing a message strategy tailored to his unique value proposition. Next, we gathered insights into his target customer, their problems, and the solutions he could offer.

I took it a step further and went through his testimonials to do some message mining so that we could incorporate the voice of customer data (VOC) into the copy itself–and get a more in-depth view of his satisfied customers.

With the new website copy, I could show potential customers Mo’s unique value proposition and expertise in a way that resonated with them, made it easy for them to find what they were looking for, and ultimately inspired trust in his business.

The Process focused on:

1. Message Strategy

This involved deep diving into who his ideal person was, their struggles, and their goals.

It also included the development of Mo’s mission statement, value statements, and tone guide that resonated with his audience. Our first step was to develop and perfect his core message, ensuring it resonated with and energized his target audience.

 website copywriting for electrician tech

2. Research

To understand the needs of his target audience, I put my ear to the ground and did deep research into what his ideal person was searching for, what language they used, and the struggles preventing them from taking action on their goals.

3. Website Strategy

It’s all about the user experience & customer journey, and that meant page wireframes for the pages I recommended based on the journey we wanted to create for his visitors, the content they would need to help them take action, and how it all fit into the website.

4. Website Copywriting 

With the customer journey map now all planned out, I wrote strategic copy for each page that resonated with Mo’s target audience. The copy brought out Mo’s brand personality, built trust, and encouraged action. 


The result was a website that accurately reflected Mo’s unique value proposition and communicated the quality of his work.

By creating an engaging customer journey, I made it easier for potential customers to find what they were looking for and reach out and contact Mo. 

But most importantly, his website now tells a story that takes his visitors on a journey that reassures them and inspires action. 

Live website

“Eva will take the time to understand your business and create a website that accurately represents who you are as a company”

“After my first meeting with Eva, I knew that she was going to take my ideas and create a website that was going to connect with my customers and motivate them to use my services. Her process was thorough, and she took the time to understand my business before putting anything down on paper. Eva was friendly and easy to talk with, making the entire experience delightful. I enjoyed the planning part of the project and feel that Eva captured the essence of my business perfectly. The best part for me was seeing my website copy in the wireframe she created – it was exactly what I had envisioned! Eva is not the cheapest option out there, but she is worth every penny. She will take the time to understand your business and create a website that accurately represents who you are as a company. I would recommend her services to anyone who is serious about growing their business. Eva’s great copywriting skills and storytelling has helped my business reach the next level, and I will be forever grateful. Thanks, Eva!”

Mo Kabasso, owner of Electrician Techs

Copywriting testimonial from Electrician Tech