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Message Strategy + Website Copywriting

message stratey and website copy

Ibrahim knew that he had a purpose and message that he wanted to share, but after trying to figure out how to bring it to life on his own, he realized that there was a gap between what he wanted and what was actually being communicated.

It was then that he decided that for his vision to be realized—for him to make the impact he knew he could make, he needed a helping hand to guide him.

To bring clarity to his message, to create a brand strategy and website copy that resonated with his ideal person.

In order for the website copy to capture the attention of his ideal person and make them take action, Ib needed to have a clear message that inspired them and empowered them with hope.

And to do this, we needed to roll our sleeves and get to the core of who his ideal person was and what their struggles were.

In addition, I put my ear to the ground, did research, and listened to his target audience in order to truly understand what it is that they wanted.

This process helped us develop a customized message strategy that brought a bunch of “AHA!” moments for him.

But most importantly, it helped us create his unique value statement and mission statement.

The Process focused on:

1. Message Strategy

This involved deep diving into who his ideal person was, their struggles, and their goals.

It also included the development of Ib’s mission statement, value statements, and tone guide that resonated with his audience. Our first step was essential in order to develop and perfect his core message, ensuring that it resonated with and energized his target audience..

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2. Research

In order to understand the needs of his target audience, I put my ear to the ground and did deep research into what his ideal person was searching for, what language they used, and the struggles that were preventing them from taking action on their goals

3. Website Strategy

It’s all about the user experience & customer journey, and that meant page wireframes for the pages I recommended based on the journey we wanted to create, the content they would need to help them take action, and how it all fit into the website.

4. Website Copywriting

With the customer journey map in hand, I was now able to write copy for each page that resonated with Ib’s target audience. The copy brought out Ib’s personality and built trust. I also included a few stories from Ib’s life to help the readers relate to his message and journey, as well as inspiring calls to action that would encourage them to take the next steps.


The result was a website with powerful copywriting that inspired visitors and empowered them to discover their life purpose. But most importantly, it answered 1) who he is, 2) how their lives will improve for the better, and 3) what they need to do next. Not only does this keeps them from guessing, “what’s in it for me?” but it also gives his audience a sense of hope and motivation as to how they can become influential leaders that make an impact in the world.

As of today, IB has now taken the message strategy we created and has developed a social media and podcasting strategy to amplify his message. He’s also been able to grow a following of people who connect with and believe in his mission, inspiring them every step of the way.

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“Eva worked her magic on my website copy”

” Before my path crossed with Eva, I was frustrated that while I saw the big picture of my goals, I felt stuck and couldn’t move forward. I needed someone to provide clarity and help develop brand/ website copy. I tried to do it on my own multiple times, and it just did not work out. Eva listened, demonstrated expertise in understanding my struggles and goals, and executed with professionalism. I felt comfortable working with her as she not only listened but shared ideas and was patient with me throughout the project. I feel relieved and happy to have overcome this hurdle as she worked her “magic” on brand strategy and website content development. My favorite part about working with Eva was 1) her very clear and organized process and 2) when she would formulate and articulate so well something I may have been struggling with. Only a good listener and expert can do that. Thank you, Eva.”

Ib Dabo, Motivational Speaker

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