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Having a powerful message on your website will persuade your ideal customers to take that next step with you.

Whether you want your audience to buy a product, subscribe to your email list, or simply stay longer on your website. The opportunities are endless!

But with only 7 seconds to make a first impression, how can you be sure that your website copy is effective in capturing your ideal customer’s attention?

You can write the website copy yourself but…

↪ Risk not being able to capture your company’s voice

↪ Not know what to say to convert visitors

↪Leave out important CTAs (calls to action)

↪ Lose potential leads

↪Waste time trying to improve your website copy when you could be focusing on other areas of your business

And that’s no way to run your business!

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“Eva will take the time to understand your business and create a website that accurately represents who you are as a company”

“After my first meeting with Eva, I knew that she was going to take my ideas and create a website that was going to connect with my customers and motivate them to use my services. Her process was thorough, and she took the time to understand my business before putting anything down on paper. Eva was friendly and easy to talk with, making the entire experience delightful. I enjoyed the planning part of the project and feel that Eva captured the essence of my business perfectly. The best part for me was seeing my website copy in the wireframe she created – it was exactly what I had envisioned! Eva is not the cheapest option out there, but she is worth every penny. She will take the time to understand your business and create a website that accurately represents who you are as a company. I would recommend her services to anyone who is serious about growing their business. Eva’s great copywriting skills and storytelling has helped my business reach the next level, and I will be forever grateful. Thanks, Eva!”

Mo Kabasso, owner of Electrician Techs

Get to the heart of your business

Let’s create a website that speaks to your ideal customers and doesn’t take up your time.

Together we’ll simplify your message so that your ideal customers understand what you do and how you can help them by:

✔  Establishing a sales funnel framework that positions you or your services as the guide that comes along and makes your customers the hero in their own story

✔  Strategically adding user pathways that will guide your visitors to the desired actions.

✔  Crafting benefit-driven headlines that speak to your ideal customer

✔  Drawing in your reader by speaking to their needs

✔  Injecting personality into your website copy

✔  Including persuasive calls to action throughout your website copy

✔  Ensuring that your website copy is SEO friendly

You can say goodbye to:

⇢ The stress of not knowing what to write

⇢ The worry that your website isn’t conversion-friendly

⇢ The frustration of not having the time to improve your website copy

“Eva worked her magic on my website copy”

” Before my path crossed with Eva, I was frustrated that while I saw the big picture of my goals, I felt stuck and couldn’t move forward. I needed someone to provide clarity and help develop brand and website copy. I tried to do it on my own multiple times, and it just did not work out. Eva listened, demonstrated expertise in understanding my struggles and goals, and executed with professionalism. I felt comfortable working with her as she not only listened but shared ideas and was patient with me throughout the project. I feel relieved and happy to have overcome this hurdle as she worked her “magic” on brand strategy and website content development. My favorite part about working with Eva was 1) her very clear and organized process and 2) when she would formulate and articulate so well something I may have been struggling with. Only a good listener and expert can do that. Thank you, Eva.”

Ib Dabo, Motivational Speaker

“But is really necessary, Eva?” Yes it is!

Website copy is essential for any business that wants to be successful online. The right website copy can help you:

  • Capture your ideal customer’s attention
  • Nurture leads and turn them into paying customers
  • Convert visitors into raving fans
  • Increase your website’s SEO ranking

The bottom line is—great website copy can help you achieve your business goals. And that’s why you need it!

This is how it’ll go

The entire website copywriting process takes 4-6 weeks

website copywriting

Clarify & Conquer


  • We’ll develop a clear understanding of your customers’ needs
  • Dig deep into your industry in order to create a strategy with your long-term business goals in mind.
  • Perform market research that will help us gather the necessary data to drive conversions (may include customer & employee interviews)
  • Creation of your own custom brand guide

Write & Refine

Let the magic begin!

  • Custom framework to tell your message with clarity (benefits, stakes, value proposition, your process, testimonials, etc)
  • Headlines with deep benefits
  • Clear Call to Action
  • Concise and strategic copy written in your brand voice to increase conversions and drive sales
  • Keyword-rich meta descriptions and title tags to increase your business’s organic web traffic
  • Wireframe for each of the web pages to help you see how to make your copy work with your design
website copywriting process
website copywriting process

Revise & Finalize

Hooray! Almost there!

  • Present first draft for approval during a scheduled meeting 
  • Provide 2 sets of revisions within 14 days
  • Final call between us to finalize copy 
  • Sign-off

Sounds AMAZING! How much will this cost me?

This is an investment you are making in your business. The cost of a website can range depending on the size and complexity.

Book your free discovery call so that we can dive in and get a better sense of what you need and give you a price that is tailored to your project.

Highly recommend Eva for copywriting for any website!

Eva did an amazing job helping me create the copy for my website, The Wealthy Sailor. She was professional and knowledgeable! I appreciated the initial meeting where we discussed my goals for the site and she gave me feedback and direction to achieve that goal. Highly recommend her for copywriting for any site!

Jonah E, The Wealthy Sailor

It’s Time to Invest in Your Business

And have peace of mind knowing your message is being delivered the way it needs to.

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Answers to Some of Your Questions

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