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In a Digital World Overflowing With Information: Getting Noticed Can Get Pretty Frustrating!

And if you want to Glow in this expansive digital landscape—you need to eat, breathe, and think strategies, data, and copy 24/7.

Because the Truth is: You can only operate a successful business with top-notch copywriting.

🙌 It’s the fuel for your marketing engine
🙌 the catalyst for everything you do to grow your business
🙌 It’s what keeps customers coming back for more
🙌 Turns prospects into irrationally loyal fans
🙌 Boosts sales in unimaginable ways

And that’s a powerful thing.

Eva takes the time to understand her client’s needs and then brings their ideas to life in a new way.

“I cannot recommend Eva enough! Not only is she an expert copywriter, but she also approaches each project with so much love and creativity. She takes the time to understand her client’s needs and then brings their ideas to life in a new way. I am truly grateful for our work together and highly encourage anyone who wants to create or elevate their website to contact her; her strategy sessions are also amazing! Thanks again, Eva. “

Joy Kitanga-Dabo, founder of GodImprints

Oh, Hey! I’m Eva.

My mission is to help you solidify your position as an industry expert. Get you noticed—not just by anyone, but by your ideal person. And help you achieve massive growth.

You see: I love what I do.

As a teacher-turned-copywriter, I know firsthand the power words have to influence & persuade. And that means I know how to get results.

I use data to help establish a message strategy. Storytelling to help weave a story that makes your audience wonder, “when did you read my mind?” And copywriting to tie it all together.

Because copy is all about selling without it feeling sales-y. It’s about getting people to take action and connecting with them on a deeper level. 

It’s about making it hard for them to put away their credit card & even more challenging to make them forget about you.

I know that building your business was not easy.

There were long nights—and even longer days.

(Which is why I’m all about)


I put my best effort into each of my projects because, just as you’re dedicated to your customers, I’m dedicated to delivering the best copy possible to you.


There’s no room for cutting corners in this business. I care about building trust with each of my clients and will keep your best interest at heart.


Working together produces the best results. You have unique knowledge and insight into your business, so you know it better than anyone. And when we combine your vision with my copywriting skills—chef’s kiss. 

The Bottom Line: If you’re ready to stand out in a crowded digital space—take the leap.

Well…I got my coffee ready. Let’s go!

A Few More of My Happy Clients

“Eva did an amazing job helping me create the copy for my website, The Wealthy Sailor. She was professional and knowledgeable! I appreciated the initial meeting where we discussed my goals for the site and she gave me feedback and direction to achieve that goal. Highly recommend her for copywriting for any site!”

Jonah E.

The Wealthy Sailor

“Eva exceeded my expectations. I gave her the task, and she took everything into her own hands. She communicates very well, has a smooth process, and does a great job at keeping everyone updated on her progress. She understands websites and knows how to ask the right questions to write copy based on a vision. I highly recommend Eva!!”

Bailey S.

Creatively Web Design

Eva is a star! Asks good questions to better understand the scope of work, fast turnaround times, and took the time to explain her ideas before we started as well as explain decisions she made for the final deliverable.

Jarod S.

Comet Fuel

“Worked with Eva on my website content. As an artist I’m more concerned with getting my art pieces together then what I write so I appreciate the help! Easy to communicate with and great delivery, hope to work with you again :).”

Stefy l. – Website Copy

Are You Ready to Work Together?

You have the vision. I have the words.